lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

Our favorite plates

Oriana, Monica and Hernan arrive at a famous restaurant and greeted at the door by the main waiter:

Good afternoon, please come in (showing them a table for three)
Todos: helllo. Thank you
Mesonero: This is our menu for the day (giving them the cart)

After only five minutes, Hernan calls the waiter to make his order

Mesonero: yes, can i take your order?
Oriana: please do, i’d like to try some Italian food, how about Bolognese pasta?
Mesonero: that’s alright, any drinks?
Oriana: oh! Excuse me... i changed my mind, can i have a cheese pizza and a glass of red wine?

Mesonero: certainly. How about you miss?
Mónica: well, i want some Japanese food. Sushi would be good and some sake with it if you have it.
Mesonero: your order it’s on the way.
Mónica: I’m sorry, gentleman! I think it’s better if i have Chinese food! I’ll have some shop suey with rice and the same to drink!. Thanks

Mesonero: ok, anything else?
Mónica: no, that’s fine by now
Mesonero: perfect.
Hernan: I’ll have Venezuelan food please. That will be chicken, mush potatoes and vegetables and with that I want a lemonade.
Mesonero: your order will be ready in a few minutes
Hernan: pardom me! Instead of chicken i want fish. I hope it’s not much trouble! Thank you

Mesonero: very well, i hope you all enjoy your food.

New medicine

Honey life

This new product promises to cure every pain in the body! The smart combination of savila, calendula and honey gotten straight out of South American forest invade each cellule providing it with energy and helping it regenerated.
In only two weeks shows it’s results:
· More energy

· Muscle relaxation
· Reducing of pain in articulations
· And an overall feeling of happiness due to the physical changes!
It’s completely natural and recommended for everybody no matter age, race or physical condition as a complementation of your daily routine of fitness and health

viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


I have a son for two years

I've already ten years old attending the game of the chinita

I have already working three years with products of the vineyard pomar

I have never gone to a game of great leagues

lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

My schoolmates

Hi These are my classmates, from the last to the beginning is Juan, the one with the blue t-shirt and a black cap. He has brown eyes, dark skin, he is muscular and tall. He lives in Cumbre, Maracaibo and studies Electronic Engineering, he's 18 years old. He loves his family, bascketball, dogs, his friends and party. He hates broccoli, wars and lies. His dream is to graduate and visit Europe. His opinion of english is that is important and he likes to learn new languages.

That of my right is alexander, and people call him 'Ale', he is high and he has the coffee color eyes. He lives in Trebol, Maracaibo and studies Engineering, he's 18 years old. He loves hip-hop music, driving his car and chocolates. He hates studying and english. His dream is to graduate and to be the playboy's owner. His opinion of english is that is very important.

That of my left is maria, they tell him malala and has a sweter blue with white. She is relatively low, has the long hair and of brown color. Has dark eyes. She lives in La trinidad, Maracaibo and she studies business, has 18 years old. She love to hang out with her boyfriend and do fun things with him, she love bunnies, pizza, to travel, being with her friends and family. She hate politics, hot weather, to get up early and cats. her dream is to graduate with excellent grades, have a great job and get married with that special someone.

sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

hello I am hernan tete

Hi, my name´s Hernán tete but you can call me black. I´m 25 years old and I study marketing at urbe. I live in Maracaibo, in Pomona.

I love my family, to play with my son, to eat pasta and the baseball. I love very much my wife.

I hate onions, the lie, war, injustice and my Schedule of work.

My dream is to graduate, travel, the Englishman deals and that my son cresca healthy and strong. But my big dream is to see my son together with my wife to graduate in the university.

My opinion about English , Your pronunciation is very difficult.